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BIOGRAPHY – Mr. Larry Dee Henderson

Larry Dee is a man with vision. He has earned a tremendous amount of respect and has established an extensive network of support and resources from several top echelon industry circles. Larry Dee captivates audiences by the thousands in his lecture sessions and as a motivational speaker. Currently many Producers, Writers, and Executives accredit Larry Dee as their inspiration and mentor, as he brings passion, integrity, and global networking into the entertainment industry, aiding in coaching Egos & getting successful people to work together to build strong alliances just as our country has done for years & years, to become the superpower that it is today.

With phenomenal credentials as a Voting Member for The Recording Academy (NARAS-Grammy Awards) for the past few consecutive years, and with his brilliant, truly talented musical superstardom, he has mega record sales from producing Master P and many top selling artists and legends. Larry Dee has topped the Billboard charts since 1993. With a generous spirit, he sits on the Los Angeles NARAS Chapter, Producer’s Wing, The new millennium has brought about a new breed of industry leadership. Larry Dee ENT. / has acquired a National/International Dist. Deal with Active Ent. /Universal, E1 Entertainment formerly Koch in Hollywood, Ca. Larry Dee is the CEO of Larry Dee Entertainment/ Da Oven Productions. He has over 14 years of studio, live production, and recording experience as well as live domestic and international tours as an Artist. He has produced and engineered material that has topped the R&B and Rap Top 100 Billboard charts since 1993. Larry Dee was instrumental in the growth of one of Hip Hop’s most successful Executive/Artist/ Producer Master P. Master P delivered Larry Dee’s production sound to the world from 92-2006 consecutively, as well as being the Director of A&R Over-seeing many Artists projects and personally producing over 20 album projects.

Larry Dee’s producing, engineering, brilliance gained 2 #1 Albums 15 Billboard charted songs, 4 plaque albums: TRU, West Coast Bad Boys, 99 Ways to Die and others, in addition to 7 plus million sales. The multi-platinum group TRU from the No Limit Records family, sales exceed 5 million, as acting Executive Associate Producer, he was instrumental in the HOT dance craze in the south called KWANG Wit It; the artist was Jan Styles, Hurricane Records. As one of the Board of Directors of the first Music Consortium of Sacramento (MICS), his Executive Committee Member status has allowed him to educate and motivate aspiring industry professionals. When Larry Dee speaks Everyone, listens.

Larry Dee has been interviewed by Rago Magazine in London England. He produces and engineers tracks on 48 track 2 inch, Neve systems, and Protools. He is also experienced in midi keyboards as well as drum programming. Larry Dee Entertainment, has produced soundtracks and musicals, and has worked with a multitude of top-level producers such as: Charlie Wilson (The Gap Band), Felton Pilate (ConFunkShun/McHammer), E-40, Al Eaton (Too Short), 2 Pac’s producer Mike Mosley, and Flip Kirby (Club Nouveau). Larry Dee As a Lead Vocalist/Keyboardist with the (Tulsa Okla,’s Own The Satellite Band) in the late 80’s opened shows in the Midwest for the music group The Deele with LA Reid and Babyface. He has toured overseas in Japan with a Sacramento Band – Channel 7, St. Charles Thurman, CEO of Solar Music Group, appointed him Director of A&R and Producer/Engineer for Solar Music Groupfrom 1992-1997. Larry Dee Owns Larry Dee Entertainment & Distribution, Da Oven Productions, & Larry Dee is an 11 year voting member of The Recording Academy – Grammy Awards, Los Angeles Chapter.

Under “Larry Dee Entertainment Presents” Da Oven Productions. A hit list of music production companies under one umbrella with over 100 million in sales as a compiled unit, we have some of todays hottest Producers available for hire through, “Da Oven Productions.” Da Oven Prod. Network Team Garnered A Billboard Music Award 2006 Soundtrack Album of the year (The High School Musical Album) Andrew Lane, & Eddie Galan Writers, THIS ALBUM IS ALSO Nominated for a Grammy Award Feb 2007, (Da Oven Productions) a Network of Platinum, & Gold, Writers & Producers Available to Independent, & Major Record Labels, & Artists with Budgets. In an Industry With Diminishing Major Label Budgets. Larry Dee Founder (Quotes: We Want To Help Fuel Strong Production on All Sides of The Business not just for those Companies with Large Budgets). So Begins the Birth of Da Oven Productions:- Companies Are – Drew Right Music & Eddie-G Music have the Billboard Music Award Album of The Year (The High School Musical Album) No.1 Disney Song “Get-Cha Head in the Game” Bad Boy Records Artists-B5), Other Companies Include (Jared Gosselin-Credits Floetry-Tracks, Closer, I’ll Die, & Still, as well as India Arie, Psalms, People Come to go, & Macy Grays U make me & No Words, & June 24, 2010 the Sellout New Macy Gray Album, Based In L.A. California.), Other Oven Companies are Ben “Bloc Briggs” Writer for the songs Jealous, Catching Feelings, Mesmerized, & Lucky Days, for Capitol Records Platinum Artist Faith Evans Album “The First Lady”, June 2010 Benny Briggs is also Executive Producer on the 2010 new Faith Evans Album Under E1 Entertainment Formerly Koch, (Sa Ra’ Svnra Productions in Atlanta, & (A1 Productions -Avery Johnson Producer of the Hit I Ain’t Neva Scared -By Atlanta Rapper Bone Crusher, Also Tony Temple Hardy producer of  the multi-platinum Artists Destiny’s Child also Tony Produced Multi-Platinum artist Missy Elliot, as well as a June 2011 2 song release on multi-platinum artist Macy Gray, (The Sellout) on Universal Records/Concorde, Larry Dee Entertainment Brokered The 2 song Placement for Tony Hardy.

Founder -Larry Dee Entertainment Based in Orange County Ca. Larry Dee’s producing, Engineering, brilliance gained 2 #1 Albums, & 15 Billboard charted songs, albums: TRU, West Coast Bad Boys, 99 Ways to Die and others, in addition to Million In sales. & The Multi-Platinum group TRU, from the No Limit Records Family. Stay Tuned for Larry Dee is Currently working with GRAMMY WINNING HIT WRITING/PRODUCER -DIRTY HARRY- on the # 1 Hit Song-”NO ONE” For ALICIA KEYS, DIRTY HARRY is also a part of Larry Dee Entertainment’s Network of Multi-Platinum Producers, Larry Dee & Dirty Harry pitch established writer/ producers & develops hot new writer/producers as well stay tuned as great things will come out of this team. 2013 Larry Dee Entertainment will serve as the Financiers/Executive Producers/Distributer on Various Film & Music Projects Current Project in conjunction with a New Miami FL. Based Co.

The Jayden Group /Larry Dee Co-Owns. Projects also with Tony Stefano Film Executive/Screenwriter– SLEEPTIGHT ENT. with Music Supervision By Larry Dee, & current ventures Partner with Larry D. Henderson. New York Joint Ventures with Executive/Producer Prince Berg also new ventures with Eddie Wenrick Ent. Media, & new ventures with Grammy winning engineer Bob Horn (Usher- Ramond VS Ramond, AKON, NEO. Larry Dee is also new Co-Owner of the newly formed (AME) Association Of Management Executives with Co-CEO Kevin Hellon Owner of Offstream Entertainment National  Distributor Through LionsGate. Larry Dee Also Has New Ventures in the works May 2013 Larry Dee Entertainment/Management Division N.Y.C. -Co-Partner Attorney Charlotte Anderson.

June 2013 our latest venture LDE has created a new Product & Talent Branding Division we are now represented by Erastus (Ertis) Pratt & Otis Co-Owners L. C. Play Production Corp. Jersey City N.J. with over 20 years of combined work experience in the clothing manufacturing and production industry.  Including managing fashion houses to the likes of fashion designer, Maurice Malone, Kango, and Everlast.  In the past 5 years, Summer 2013 T.V. & Film Projects are currently in motion with T.V. Executive/Producer Ric Zivic, Z Ent., As well as presenting talent ot the NBC HIT TV SHOW “The Voice” via Larry Dee’s Relationship with (Talent Producer) of “The Voice”- Peter Cohen.,Also new ventures with former Proctor & Gamble businessman-Emmett Leopardi’s unique lifetime work experience provides him with a powerful skill set perfect for helping businesses deliver sustainable competitive advantages that increase the top and bottom lines. He holds an engineering degree and an M.B.A., spending 32 years with Procter and Gamble in a variety of capacities, including Product Supply Engineer, Senior Scientist, Economics Specialist, and Global Marketing Specialist. Highlights of his career at the consumer products giant include inventing and implementing the multi-color printing process on Bounty paper towels by manipulating and expanding the equipment and processes of Flexographic Printing, and advancing the equipment systems necessary for the economic production of Glad Press’ N Seal film, a product developed by P&G and marketed by the Glad division of the Clorox corporation. Emmett combines his skill in engineering and technical innovation with years of experience at P&G in both the economics of new product initiatives (analyzing everything from supply chain management to cost reduction to business intelligence) and the development, building, and marketing of brands. In his career, he has shown a remarkable ability to find, gather and lead the right people at the right time in collaborations that result in sustainable success. He is passionate about leading The Leopardi Group and finding innovative solutions for his clients as he helps them create, develop, and market their products into powerful brands.