Spose, The Peter Sparker Mixtape

Spose will be releasing a new album, The Peter Sparker Mixtape, via his own label, Preposterously Dank Entertainment, on June 10th. One of Maine’s most beloved artists, Spose landed himself on the map with his international hit single, “I’m Awesome,” which was certified “gold” after selling over 800,000 digital copies in a few short months– scoring him a recording contract with Universal/Republic Records and bringing in 12 million YouTube views in 2010. Spose would later cut ties with the major label, independently releasing The Audacity! in 2012, which reached #6 on the iTunes hip-hop album chart. The Peter Sparker Mixtape is the first of two free albums Spose will be dropping in 2013.

Spose (Ryan Peters), a 27-year-old emcee and producer from Wells, Maine, is a paradox. He’s a rapper. However, he’s not trying to out-swag anybody. He pronounces his words clearly, never exaggerates his circumstances, and proudly proclaims on his upcoming 2013 album The Peter Sparker Mixtape that he still drives a 2003 Nissan Altima. Despite this penchant for brutal honesty, his wordplay and vast cult fanbase lead Vibe Magazine to refer to Spose as “the next great white rapper. Take a stroll into the snarky, sarcastic world Spose has created and it’s easy to see why. In his songs and his stage show, Spose manages to distill both the tragedy and the comedy of modern American life with dark humor and slick wordplay.

Initially an underground hit in his native New England, Spose’s unique brand of hip-hop has caught on nationally, landing him on stages with some of the biggest artists in music including Wiz Khalifa, Drake, Weezer, Stone Temple Pilots, J. Cole, Ke$ha, B.o.B., and more. In April 2012, Spose dropped his third album The Audacity! on his own Preposterously Dank Entertainment imprint (“P. Dank,” for short). The album received critical acclaim for Spose’s album peaked at #6 on the iTunes Hiphop Albums chart. Just last November, Spose launched a successful Kickstarter campaign during which his devoted fans raised over $28,000 in 30 days. Spose will put their dedication to use this year with the release of two free albums, The Peter Sparker Mixtape and Dankonia, both to be released on his P. Dank label in 2013.

Photo Credit: Peter Jensen Bissell

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