Soulful Pop Artist Shelly Bhushan Releases New Single “Feather”

Called “soulful and feisty” by The New Yorker Festival, NYC-based soul-pop artist Shelly Bhushan releases new focus track “Feather” off her fourth studio album Something Out of Nothing, which she released independently in May. With lyrics penned by Bhushan and music co-written with her band members, “Feather” presents the artist’s “tellin’ it like it is” honesty with the laid-back soulfulness that has inspired comparisons to Bonnie Raitt and Bruno Mars.

Backed by John Celentano on drums and Harry Cordew on bass and backing vocals, Bhushan sings with conviction and longing that draws up a roller coaster of emotions. The lyrics, all written by Bhushan, are equally mesmerizing.

The Deli NYC raves, “Shelly’s lyrics have the ability to capture the human soul, and she knows how to elevate this emotionally through her music.” Time Out NY named her a 2009 Critic’s Choice, extolling “Is that a voice!” “Feather” is the fifth of ten tracks on her Something Out of Nothing album, Bhushan’s fourth release and second full-length album. With her signature impassioned vocals, Bhushan sings about being a free spirit.

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