Richilous (Singer/Songwriter)

Growing-up in the Mountainview and Harbourview neighborhoods of Kingston, Jamaican music and culture were the origins of Mitchell Lewin’s (Richilous) musical development. Nicknamed ‘Mitchie’ (after one half of the reggae singing duo Michigan & Smiley) for his love of singing, his influence from the likes of Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Supacat and Tracy Chapman led to an obsession with music from a young age.

When Mitchie left Jamaica for Canada at the age of 10 the next stage of his musical development began. Transplanted from the ghettos of Kingston to the projects of Toronto’s infamous Jane St., Mitchie was exposed to a new world with new types of music that influenced him both personally and musically. Early-mid nineties ‘easy-listening’ and ‘Top 40’ radio, combined with local college radio stations, revealed completely new styles of music for Mitchie to embrace. Without any effort someone could hear: Nirvana, Bryan Adams, Ace of Bass, C&C Music Factory, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Nas, Ice Cube, Sam Cooke, the Isley Bros. and Marvin Gaye all in the same day!

By the time he reached High School ‘Mitchie’ became ‘Rich Kidd’.  His peers – and the co-ops he shared with them – influenced Mitchie to temporarily repress his love of other types of music and become fascinated with rap music and culture (especially 2Pac). Most days you would find him freestyling in the ‘cypher’ at lunch and racing home after school to catch “RapCity” on MuchMusic.  Mitchie’s indulgence in R&B, reggae and other types of music was mostly reserved for times of seclusion, and a few lucky lady-friends.

As Mitchie matures and develops, his musical persona has evolved in synch. Now operating under the moniker of Richilous a.k.a. ‘Mr. Triple Threat’, his versatility, delivery, songwriting and stage presence are on another level from most other artists. The combination of his gifts as a singer, rapper and songwriter allows Richilous to effortlessly create authentic hip-hop, pop, R&B and reggae music that’s unforgettable and leaves listeners wanting more. His music received acclaim in the 17th annual Billboard World Song Contest and he has been featured on INDI 101FM, Industry Magazine, CKLN 88.1FM and twice on Rogers TV. Richilous has also performed in many venues throughout Toronto and across Ontario. Some of his most recent appearances have been at Nathan Phillips Square and Queen’s Park for the TD Irie Music Fest, Club XS, Pero Lounge and on the ‘Daytime’ show on Rogers TV.

Earlier this year Richilous independently realeased the “Gangsta & Gentleman – Part 1” mixtape.  Having finished his promotions for that project, Richilous is now recording his first official album – “Gangsta and Gentleman – Part 2”- and planning his strategies for the big ‘push’.