Raining and OK Debut Creative Self-Made Video for “Shadows”

Alternative Rock band Raining and OK has released a brand-new video for “Shadows” from their ALWAYS WILL BE EP. The driving, piano-based song is complimented perfectly by the stop motion photography featured in the video. The video was shot and edited by the group’s own Nick DuPlessis, and is comprised of thousands of photos and special effects. Check it out, then download the mp3 for “Shadows” below, or the whole ALWAYS WILL BE EP for free at www.rainingandok.bandcamp.com

Stay tuned for brand-new music from Raining and OK coming later this June!

For more information on Raining and OK please visit www.rainingandok.com
Download “Shadows” at https://www.yousendit.com/download/YWhNck80YXlsMHcwTVE9PQ

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