R. Kelly – Centric Black Music Month Weekend

As Black Music Month on Centric TV comes to a close, the King of R&B, Mr. Robert Sylvester Kelly – better known as R. Kelly takes over the airwaves. One of the bestselling music artists, R. Kelly is an internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer. From the 1980’s straight through to today, R. Kelly tops the charts, pushes boundaries and masters an array of musical genres that influence fans and musicians alike.

Whether pop, hip hop, R&B, or soul, south side Chicago-native and multiple Grammy Award winning R. Kelly dominates the scene. His signature sound is a unique combination of sexy pillow talk and vulnerable confessionals – such as Bump n’ Grind, Your Body’s Callin and If I could Turn Back the Hands of Time. Though he once stated that his heart belongs to classic R&B he has continually explored his craft – including writing and producing Trapped in the Closet, an innovative hip hop opera. And he is now publishing his first memoir, Soulacouster: The Diary of Me.

All Saturday, Centric viewers are invited to get up close and personal with the one and only R. Kelly through recorded interviews, commentary, recorded concerts and videos. Wrapping up Black Music Month 2013 with R. Kelly, Centric proudly salutes the bold, breathtaking artistry of Black musicians through American History. From Public Enemy to divine Divas, Men of Soul to R. Kelly, Black Music Month 2013 celebrates the amazing depth of talent possessed by African American artists today.

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