Pop Singer/Songwriter Shilpa Releases New Single “Renegade”

It’s a new year for the NYC pop singer-songwriter Shilpa Narayan. After independently releasing her debut album Stand Alone in May 2012, this hard-working 25-year-old releases her new single “Renegade” that reflects her bold, new empowered outlook on life: to be true to yourself and never give up.

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia as the daughter of a journalist and an engineer, Shilpa found herself struggling between what cultural conventions taught her and what her heart told her. Coming to New York City to work as a financial analyst after college, Shilpa quietly practiced her music, garnered new fans on the Internet by posting videos of herself performing covers by Rihanna and Beyonce on YouTube, and performed for open mics on the weekends. Her debut album Stand Alone was her personal triumph that proved to herself and others that reaching her dreams was possible.

Shilpa’s latest single “Renegade” is yet another testimony of how she has chosen the more challenging but fulfilling path of following her heart. With driving percussion and rousing chorus, the song conveys the energy and determination that Shilpa emanates from her soul as she sings passionately.

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