Pop/Rock Singer, Heidi Merrill

Merrill’s first EP, “The Way I Feel” features singles such as “Feelings Gone” which embrace the raw emotion we all encounter after a breakup. Merrill’s music is feel-good and extremely relatable, making her a pinnacle within the industry. Shane Koss and John Hogg, producer and writer of Merrill’s EP, allowed Merrill to input a completely new feel to her sound.

Merrill has performed on Jimmy Lloyd. “Faded,” another one of Merrill’s singles, is the perfect expression of the lines that are blurred when we meet someone special and forget everything else going on in our world.

Heidi Merrill, Nebraska native and current resident of New York City, brings a unique twist to the music world pulling inspiration from Sinead O’Connor, Evanescence, Leona Lewis, Robin, Sarah McLachlan, Life house and Kings of Leon. Mixing smoky textures of pop and rock, Merrill interprets everyday themes we all experience and translates them into a one-of-a-kind sound. For additional information on Heidi Merrill including all singles and music, please visit HeidiMerrill.com

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