Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Pants Hits Auction

In classic dance scenes from Michael Jackson’s legendary final performance, captured on film for the “This Is It” movie, Jackson wears his signature fedora, a sport coat and bright orange pants. This week, the bright orange pants (along with certificates of authenticity and photographic evidence) and other Jackson items will be auctioned by Nate D. Sanders, Inc., one the world’s leading dealers of Hollywood memorabilia, autographs, rare books and gold coins. The pants, which will be auctioned on Thursday, May 20, are one of the last-know garments worn by Michael Jackson to be captured on film.  Read more »


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Glossary Of Common Musical Terms

1. A&R Person:The person in the Artist & Repertoire department of a record company who, among other things, selects songs and Artists.

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Ten Things Artists Should Know

1. Never think that you’re too good to do performances at your everyday hole in the wall clubs. Most known superstars started out at the bottom before they made it to the top. Artists shouldn’t start doing shows outside of their hometown until they have established a following in their hometown. You have to start as a local act first before you can make a name for yourself.

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