Oprah & Grammy Award-Winner India.Arie: Super Soul Sunday

Oprah sits down with the multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, India.Arie. Known as an artist whose mission is to “spread love, healing, peace and joy through the power of words and music,” India.Arie reveals a series of setbacks that caused her to consider leaving the music industry. India says she hit rock bottom when she found herself struggling between the demands of the music business and her deep desire to express her soul’s song. During this candid interview, she shares her thoughts on a recent controversy that unexpectedly placed her in the spotlight. Plus, how she returned to her spiritual roots, ultimately regaining her energy, releasing a new album, and rediscovering her identity.

Oprah’s conversation continues with multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, India.Arie. Arie’s soul-stirring lyrics centered on self-empowerment, but despite all the outward success, selling ten million albums and earning four Grammy awards, she found she wasn’t living the life she sang about and she walked away from the music business, in hopes of returning to her spiritual roots. During the second part of our eye-opening conversation, Arie reveals how her soul seeking journey allowed her to find her own inner voice. Overcoming illness and insecurity after walking away from a successful career, she reveals how she finally returned to music. Then, stayed tuned for a special musical performance from Arie’s new album, SongVersation!

Photo Credit: ©Harpo Inc.

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