Movie of the Month: SPARK: A Burning Man Story

Deep in the dusty expanse of the Nevada desert, over 60,000 people from around the world join together in a week long bacchanalia of art, self-expression and music. The once forsaken landscape is transformed into a temporary Shangri-La that doesn’t end until a towering effigy is set alight and burned to the ground in a ritual frenzy. This is Burning Man.

Originally imagined as an experiment in creating a utopia where the restrictions of modern life – the nine-to-five rat race, laws and confining societal norms – vanish, the event’s popularity and scope has now exceeded even the creators’ wildest dreams.

SPARK: A BURNING MAN STORY brings audiences behind-the-scenes of the legendary celebration, shining a light on the triumphs and challenges of the artists fighting harsh realities to keep their ideals of unbridled freedom and community alive.

Following the celebrated SXSW 2013 world premiere, SPARK: A BURNING MAN STORY is one of the year’s most exciting, visceral and visually dynamic documentaries featuring outstanding music and stunning cinematography, serving as the definitive film about this epic annual event. On VOD August 17, 2013. In Select Theaters Starting August 16, 2013!

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