Behind the Modeling Industry: Sonia Lynn Interview

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Is it true that the modeling industry is a cut-throat business and why?

Sonia Lynn: Yes very cut throat, you have to have a thick skin to be a model. There is alot of judgment and criticism in this industry and you need to be prepared for it.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What are some of the things you like and dislike about the modeling industry?

Sonia Lynn: Like: Even if you’re not drop dead gorgeous the modeling industry can accommodate those models too. There could be certain features about you that make you stand out and make you look unique that the modeling industry has started to embrace. Dislike:  It’s still based on your weight and not on your looks so much.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Can you describe how the modeling industry was like when you started and how it’s changed today?

Sonia Lynn: Runway for instance, it used to be very tall and very thin women, now they tend to be more proportional and healthier looking. It’s become looking more healthy and being in shape

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Do you know of any models who started out modeling and later on had to put a end to their career due to unhealthy weight issues?

Sonia Lynn: Yes, I had a friend who was a model who was very skinny, and she became bulimic. They actually rejected her from modeling because she was too skinny. She went and received help for her disorder, and restored herself; but now the modeling industry says she’s too big to model so she stopped.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What are the standard requirements a model must meet today to make it?

Sonia Lynn: It depends on the type of modeling. Runway she has to be at least 5′-8″ and under 120 pounds and beautiful skin and proportion and be able to walk the walk. Glamour, fitness, and swimwear modeling isn’t as hard to get into because height and weight isn’t part of the criteria those types of modeling care about.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Did you happen to pickup a fashion magazine and discover you wanted to be a model? What inspired you the most?

Sonia Lynn: I was told I should be a model for print ads and do commercials. I did model when I was younger and didn’t like it. I pursued it after I graduated because I enjoyed it more.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: How much weight must a model keep off to keep her job?

Sonia Lynn: The thinner the better, but generally under 110 pounds depending on the field of modeling.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What are some of the things an agency looks for then just good looks?

Sonia Lynn: Attitude, Confidence and can handle the business and competition. There is always someone more beautiful than you and you need to be prepared for it. “There’s no crying in modeling”.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: The models that make it, do they have to change their lives and lifestyles to ensure that they stay competitive with the top super models?

Sonia Lynn: Absolutely, if you start to get weak it will catch up to you.You need to keep your skin clear, and stay healthy so dealing with stress in your life is a big issue to keeping a healthy weight and clear skin.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What are some of the things you must do to maintain your looks and competitiveness to stay on top in the model world?

Sonia Lynn: Eat healthy. stay away from junk food or fatty and sweets and try to stay active.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What is the number one thing young girls should know before becoming a model?

Sonia Lynn: The competition, these people are going to be cruel. Just know they are still beautiful because some may say you’re beautiful and some may say their ugly.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Is there a lot of cat-fights among the female models?

Sonia Lynn: Yes and no it depends, especially if someone is intimidated by the other contestants.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Did you ever get caught up in doing drugs or going to wild parties like so many models do?

Sonia Lynn: Unfortunately yes. for a little while BUT I was always able to make my photo shoots and be ready for makeup on time.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Is being a model really as glamorous as its portrayed on the runway?

Sonia Lynn: Not at all. it takes a lot of work to get where those models are.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: If you could do it all over again, what would you do to change some of the things you did when you first started?

Sonia Lynn: I wouldn’t have started bikini modeling right away. I’d rather have done a photo shoot with more clothes on for my first photo shoot. I want people to notice my beauty not my half naked body.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Is it harder for a girl to make it in the modeling industry today and why?

Sonia Lynn: They are a little more lenient today than it was when I first started with more plus size models and print ads which have become more diverse so it gives more people a chance.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Did your family support you pursuing modeling or did they encourage you to attend college instead?

Sonia Lynn: My mom tried to get me into it when I was younger, and I hated it. So they didn’t want me to pursue the career. When I got older, I got approached by a modeling agency, they told me to think about it because of how hard it was.but when I made it they were very proud of me.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What do you think about Tyra Banks and her show
America’s Next Top Model?

Sonia Lynn: I used to watch it alot but I realized that she contradicts herself a lot. I love her as a model, but the show is very contradicting, and that turns me off.

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