Kolie Crutcher, Award-Winning Author

Kolie’s published self-help book, ELECTRIC LIVING–The Science Behind the Law of Attraction, details why human beings become what they think about. Addressing classical and quantum physics, the conscious and subconscious mind, infinite intelligence and free will, ELECTRIC LIVING–The Science Behind the Law of Attraction gives readers a practical, step-by-step analysis for how to harness their thoughts and emotions so that the Law of Attraction will benefit them in their pursuit of success and vibrant living.

Kolie further details the principles in his book by speaking and holding workshops at schools, youth centers, churches, halfway houses, prisons, business conferences, and other forums seeking practical guidance and inspiration toward

achieving success.

Kolie’s entrepreneurial enterprise, GET MONEY, Inc. is the Wall Street publishing and media company located in the Trump Building in New York City’s Financial District. The MISSION of GET MONEY is to forever change the way young urban adults think about getting money, investing money, and keeping money; thereby inspiring the consistent actions necessary to create generational wealth.

Crutcher is the Lead Writer and Chief Editor of GET MONEY Magazine (published by GET MONEY, Inc.). His writing has also won him several awards. ELECTRIC LIVING–The Science Behind the Law of Attraction was honored as the best “how-to” book in the 2013 Great Southeast Book Festival. Crutcher and his book were also awarded in the categories of “Business: Motivational”, “Self-Help: Motivational”, and “Best New Self-Help Book” by USA Book News in 2012.

Kolie is an alumnus of Mississippi State University, and has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering, with a minor in mathematics. He has also earned a degree from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

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