Kat Dahlia’s Single, “Gangsta”

When Kat Dahlia’s single, “Gangsta,” hit the internet, the web went crazy — Kat’s a natural born storyteller, and people connect to her music and her razor-sharp lyrics about her hard-knock life. XXL commented, “She spits her life…with no hesitation of going personal” while MTV.com called her the “hip hop Lana Delray.” Others have compared her to a diverse range of artists, from Santigold to Adele, but there’s one sentiment everyone seems to share:  Kat Dahlia’s music is fierce, personal and raw.

Kat’s proven herself well-beyond worthy of the buzz that started when she signed with Sylvia Rhone ‘s Vested In Culture/Epic label last year. Rhone – who easily qualifies as a legend, delivered a formidable endorsement by signing Kat to her label.

Kat recorded her album over the past six months, and she’s about to officially turn it up. Three bundled tracks (Gangsta, Money Party and Mirror) from her upcoming debut are currently available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 and all digital providers. Raised by Cuban-born parents in Miami Beach, Kat began singing when she was 8 and started writing songs at 15, ripping instrumentals from YouTube in lieu of a band.

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