Interview: World-Renowned Artist, Dick Zimmerman

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What inspired you start creating masterpiece portraits for elites around the world?

Dick Zimmerman: By turning some of my favorite iconic celebrity photographs into refined oil paintings.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What was your very first portrait painting that was most memorable?

Dick Zimmerman: I did a painting of my dad at the age of seven which was displayed by my art teacher in a glass case for the entire school to view…This was my catalyst!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: If you could change the world through your paintings, what type of portrait would you create seeing that the world is going through a crisis right now?

Dick Zimmerman: A painting comprising the leaders of all the tension based countries joined in a moment of peace.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: If you had a chance to create a electrifying portrait of your dream celebrity who would it be?

Dick Zimmerman: Always wanted to do M Monroe…I was born to late!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Do you find it less challenging in creating a woman’s portrait versus a man?

Dick Zimmerman: No difference as long as you capture the strength and essence of each individual.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Recognized as a world-renowned portrait artist is quite an honor. Are there any downfalls to the lifestyle of an artist like yourself?

Dick Zimmerman: By keeping up and fulfilling ongoing clients commissions deadlines world wide, does not give enough time to create and experiment in other directions for yourself.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: There are so many amazing artists who haven’t got a chance to share their gift with the world. Any advice you would give to those who are trying to break into today’s art world?

Dick Zimmerman: If you are considered to have exceptional talent and unique in style you will eventually be noticed.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: In your opinion, do you think the industry of portrait painting has offered more opportunities for upcoming artists than ever before?

Dick Zimmerman: No I don’t think the respect has changed noticeably.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: If you weren’t able to paint anymore, would there be any other talents you might want to explore?

Dick Zimmerman: Wouldn’t want to even imagine that situation!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Who was your #1 inspiration in you becoming the magnificent portrait artist you are today?

Dick Zimmerman: My Dad turned me on to art at the Metropolitan Museum of art at the age of 5 and continued our father & son visits once a month.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Are you working on any portrait projects we may want to look out for?

Dick Zimmerman: Some very interesting subjects but not able to divulge names without permission!…Sorry but must keep my exclusivity intact!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: If you could change one thing about the industry of portrait painting what would that be?

Dick Zimmerman: Get rid of the computer generated imposter!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What’s the one thing you would like the world to remember you by?

Dick Zimmerman: That I always delivered more than my commissions expected!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Since you are always creating, would you ever consider teaching up coming portrait painting artists?

Dick Zimmerman: Yes, and I have taught many!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Do you have any family members who desire to follow in your artistic footsteps?

Dick Zimmerman: Not that I know of!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Michael Jackson is a musical icon who’s spirit will forever live on. How was it like to paint a portrait of the KING of POP?

Dick Zimmerman: A Magical pleasure!!! for an incredible being!!!

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