Interview: Actor/Producer, Gianni Capaldi

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Tell us something about your new film ”Wish Wizard” starring Morgan Freeman?

Gianni Capaldi: It was a great piece put together granting children from Make-a-Wish Foundation a chance to act, assistant direct and produce this movie. There was a feel-good atmosphere on set and for once so many left their egos at home and it was all about the kids. Morgan delivered a dream come true to these kids by working on set with them. It was an honor to be asked to show up for these kids and to work with like minded actors.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Do you enjoy your celebrity star status?

Gianni Capaldi: Ask me in a years time. I’m pretty humble however if you want to give me a better seat at a U2 concert, I doubt I would complain.


Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Name one actress that you would want to be your leading lady in a film?

Gianni Capaldi: Sienna Miller or Megan Fox (Sorry Brian even though we just worked together, I wouldn’t mind stealing her on set)

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What would you do if you weren’t in the film industry?

Gianni Capaldi: I guess I would always wonder what it would be like. I think you have to try everything in life and if you don’t at least try it once you will regret that chance. I for one haven’t

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: If you could share a secret about yourself, what would it be?

Gianni Capaldi: I always stop to help the homeless, can’t stop myself from trying to assist them. Another one, I have a little crush on Carrie Underwood and Sienna Miller. Secrets out the bag.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What is the biggest misconception about actors and producers in Hollywood?

Gianni Capaldi: I guess unless you’re working on a solid project or have anything coming out people don’t take actors seriously and shun them. They forget the odds of probability for an actor to work in this town and to those who do work, well, I guess we got lucky. Producers are seen as people who could put you in a movie, realistically is that they would never jeopardize a film’s credibility just because a girl is pretty or someone is a friend. It has to fit artistically for the better of the movie.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: How would you advise an up and coming actor or producer in getting their name and skills out to the industry?

Gianni Capaldi: First of all know your trade as an actor then network, network, network. It’s important to NOT sit back and wait for an audition. Make your own destiny, write a script, write two, get involved in producing. You must always increase your toolbox as a producer by building up your connections, actors, distributors, financiers, directors. Keep on building, your toolbox can never get too big.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What was your first major breakthrough in Hollywood?

Gianni Capaldi: I starred in a movie distributed thru SONY which comes out May 31st 2011 called “The Cross.” I worked with some of my most admired actors such as Tom Sizemore, Michael Clarke Duncan and Vinnie Jones. Followed swiftly by working with Morgan Freeman. When you start with these guys you are truly blessed.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Do you prefer acting over producing?

Gianni Capaldi: I prefer acting. Producing is seriously the hardest work I have ever done, it’s truly in the trenches of Hollywood. When I’m acting I sit back, eat, run lines and then get called. When you’re producing it’s a 24/7 process…

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Are there any actresses or actors you would love to work with?

Gianni Capaldi: Yes, I’m working on 2 projects. I’m trying to attach Kiera Knightley to one and Megan Fox to the other. Something which would seriously feel like a major achievement in my career. I’m looking forward to working with Peter O’toole this summer in “Defining Moments.” He for me is an absolute legend. Although my true hero has to be Daniel Day Lewis… If you ever read this Daniel, I’m game!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What’s in the pipeline for the upcoming year? Are there any film projects we should be looking out for?

Gianni Capaldi: Im shooting 3 projects in Canada in May/June “Complicated” (Comedy), “The Wicked Within” (Paranormal) and “Glimmer” (horror), these are my next three then I’m back in Canada for “Defining Moments” with Peter O’Toole and Rhys Ilfans. I also want to get “Grief” in the can, a paranormal movie I wrote myself sometime.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Can you talk us through how you produce a film and what the challenges are for you?

Gianni Capaldi: First of all is finding a suitable script. Genre, storyline and how it’s written is important. Intelligent writing doesn’t rocket the projected budget. Then you must think of what cast you would like to attach. This in turn must make sense for the budget of the production. Then you would figure out location and what kind of locations offer suitable tax credits etc. Then raise your money. Look for soft money (favors) and then get yourself into pre-production and have fun!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: When you first started in the film industry, did you plan to just act or was producing always something you wanted to pursue?

Gianni Capaldi: I have been in this professionally for one year, and I have to say if I could have the choice I would say acting would be my preferential choice in this industry. However, I’ve always liked achieving and business has always been a hobby in my life so I guess producing fulfills that for me. Truthfully tho, walking on a set when everything is ready to go is the bees knees…

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What film producer would you most like to collaborate with?

Gianni Capaldi: I think it would be a toss-up between James Cameron and Mel Gibson. I respect what Mel did with “Braveheart” and “Passion of the Christ,” the business aspect alone from some of these movies were phenomenal if success was translated into profits. As far as James Cameron is concerned he truly is a genius. His projects are second to none.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Before we close this up, what is the one question interviewers never ask you, but should?

Gianni Capaldi: May we give you a million to finance a movie? Just kidding. I guess interviewers never really ask you about important real life subjects such as what topics you feel strongly about, what we should try and change in the world to make it a better place, etc. etc. Also depends on the interviewer I guess, if she looked a bit like Sienna Miller then asking if I wanted to do dinner seems to never be asked.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: One final question for you: Who’s  the Greatest actress, actor and producer of All Time?

Gianni Capaldi: Greatest actor for me has to be Daniel Day Lewis. Actress is a tough one however toss up between Audrey Hepburn and Julia Roberts for me, 2 totally different styles but both the best at what they do. Producer wise may I say Spielberg or Cameron? I think I just did.

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