Exclusive Interview with Actress Elina Madison

1.) Carlos: Could you tell the readers a little about your family life growing up? Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Elina Madison: I grew up in Wyoming. My mother and father still live there and I visit a couple of times a year for the holidays. Sometimes they make it out here to Los Angeles. That’s always fun! I have an older sister. She still lives in Wyoming as well and has three children…one boy and two girls. I am very close with them and my six-year-old daughter Lillian adores them.

2.) Carlos: Do you plan on going into directing any films anytime soon?

Elina Madison: Probably not. It’s not something I have given much thought about. However, anything is possible!

3.) Carlos: What was the first film you started in?

Elina Madison: The very first film I was on was “That Thing You Do” starring Tom Hanks, it was a great experience and he was so nice! The first horror film I acted in was “Miner’s Massacre,” directed by John Carl Buechler and it had Vernon Wells and Karen Black in it. I’ve been hooked on Horror ever since that film shoot.

4.) Carlos: Who, particularly, do you draw your inspiration from?

Elina Madison: Honestly it depends on the day! I draw inspiration from many different people, places and things.  There are so many different ways to get inspired I keep myself open to the possibilities. One little girl definitely inspires me and brings me so much joy everyday and I am lucky she is my daughter.

5.) Carlos: What role did your family play, if any, regarding your acting and modeling career?

Elina Madison: My grandmother had a big influence on me. When I was a little girl I would tell her I was going to be an actress when I grew up and she was so supportive and believed in me–it instilled a confidence and belief in myself to make it come true.

6.) Carlos: What are some of your up coming Film & television projects?

Elina Madison: Both White Zombie & Dracula (Creep Creepersin films) will be out sometime this year and we are excited about it. I am shooting a feature film called “Werewolves in Heat” in June and starting a psychological thriller late June or early July-it is yet untitled but as soon as I know the title; I’ll get it out there!

7.) Carlos: When and what was the first magazine layout you did when you were a model?

Elina Madison: The very first layout I did was for a clothing line called Starter. I was so excited when friends in Wyoming (where I grew up) called me and said they saw me in the catalog.

8.) Carlos: Can you tell our readers a little bit about your recent role in the remake of the 1932 classic White Zombie which originally starred Bela Lugosi and Madge Bellamy.

Elina Madison: I play Madeline the bride-to-be and Creep Creepersin stayed true to the style of the original film and its characters. It was a good shoot. We shot some of the scenes in a cemetery so that was an experience I will never forget!

9.) Carlos: When and how did you react the first time  you landed your first role in a film or on TV?

Elina Madison: I screamed with joy! The funny thing is I still do, it still makes me so happy each and every time I book a job.

10.) Carlos: How much give and take is there in the film industry regarding the roles that you play in film & TV?

Elina Madison: If you mean whether there is flexibility in the types of roles I play, of course. There is always the chance that producers and film makers will see you in one type of film, and may want to book you in something similar, but there is freedom as long as you keep reinventing yourself!

11.) Carlos: What are some of the type of roles you would not play on TV or Film and why?

Elina Madison: It all depends on the script and the character. If it’s well written with strong character development I’m always open.

12.) Carlos: So can you tell me about the project that your working with Alicia Key’s and how did that come about?

Elina Madison: Alicia came out with a new APP for children and I play a mother in the demonstration of it.  How I became involved is pretty simple – I got the part!  The APP is very imaginative and promotes reading and music.  It’s fun, the kids enjoyed playing it and it is so simple to use.

13.) Carlos: What excites you about this industry and why?

Elina Madison: It excites me that you never know what’s going to happen and anything can happen! And it tortures me for the same reasons. I love playing different roles and being on different sets, it’s like walking into someone else’s life for a day or month (depending on how long the shoot is). Having that experience and then being able to go back to “normal” is priceless. Seeing the film or TV show complete and the story is always a big pay off.

14.) Carlos: If you had the opportunity to work with any actor or actress, dead or alive, who would that be and why?

Elina Madison: There are so many! Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Gene Hackman, Daniel Day Lewis, Tom Cruise, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Albert Brooks, Adam Sandler, Daniel Craig to name a few, I could go on and on!

15.) Carlos: What can your audience expect from you in the up coming months?

Elina Madison:  As I mentioned before, they can watch for both White Zombie & Dracula (Creep Creepersin films) to come out sometime this year. Also “Werewolves in Heat” will follow those, as will the untitled psychological thriller I mentioned. The best way for them to know where to see me is to follow me on Twitter @ElinaMadison.

16.) Carlos: After seeing any particular films, did they drive you to become the actress you are today and why?

Elina Madison: It has been a combination of many films. Really it’s a combination of everyday life and the people I come across and the experiences I have had. I approach my profession kind of like watching a movie. I get a lot out of observing.

17.) Carlos: So how did you like playing the role of the beautiful and loyal wife of Dracula in Creep Creepersin’s Dracula?

Elina Madison: I have always been fascinated with Dracula so being in the film as any character would’ve made me happy!  Seriously though, it was a different take on Dracula as everyone knows him so playing his wife was definitely a plus!

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