Emerging Singer-Songwriter Dan Godlin

Houston-born, Boston-raised singer-songwriter Dan Godlin will release his sophomore effort, In Between, on April 23rd.  The follow-up to his full-length debut album Loving on Empty, this 5-song EP lays out Godlin’s take on the quarter-life crisis and the twenty-something’s struggle between following your heart versus following what society is expecting you to do.

Co-written and produced by Jim McGorman and Robb Vallier in late 2012, Godlin’s In Between EP was written as a “concept album” with five highly emotional songs that reveal an honest take on the confusion of life from a young man full of hope and good intentions. The lyrics reveal a more mature Godlin, an earnest artist described in a Bloginity.com profile as “…a 22 year old dreamer who croons like Jason Mraz, hugs like a best friend and embodies a magnetic, good-guy charm reminiscent of a male version of Taylor Swift.”

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