Eddy Culjak (Singer/Songwriter)

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Independent artist, Eddy Culjak lives in Toronto, Canada.  A talented, young musician, whose music is best described as melodic Pop/Rock. Eddy’s influences have ranged over the years from artists like Bryan Adams to The Goo Goo Dolls. Eddy Culjak learned to play guitar at the early age of 12 and quickly developed a passion for performing. In high school, he formed a band and started to write his own songs. The band played at various talent shows, both inside school and at local venues.

Once finishing high school in Scarborough Ontario, Eddy Culjak knew that his drive, natural musical and songwriting talent as well as the ability to connect with audiences gave him the credentials necessary to pursue a career in the music industry. He took the initiative and formed a band of professional musicians and was immediately booked to play his own music throughout the local Toronto music scene. Soon after gaining local momentum, Eddy Culjak began touring Canada, the United States and overseas, from Trinidad to Hong Kong.

His early success earned Eddy a coveted government grant to fund his first 5 song CD. In 2005, he released his well received debut full length self-titled album bursting with heart-felt and hooky material. Since then Eddy Culjak has been featured on a number of radio stations and his songs have played all over the world. Keep your eyes out for Eddy Culjak, a young and rising star who continues to make his mark in the local and international music industry.