Comedian Carla Collins Joins Hollywood

Comedian, actress and author Carla Collins is beginning to fill comedy clubs all over LA with her uncensored, sexy and sassy stand-ups. During her shows, Carla fakes orgasms, talks about cheap vibrators and why men refuse to drink from straws. Often described as Canada’s “Tina Fey,” Carla is finishing filming her second season of her hit TV show CarlaWood on TVtropolos Canada about moving from her beloved country to Hollywood and bringing her foul mouth along.

Carla’s self-help book “Angels, Vampires and Douche Bags,” is a candid confessional which divides the world into the angels who guide us, inspire us and save our butts; the trend setting sexual vampires who suck the life out of us and the douche bags who constantly annoy, disgust and taunt us.

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