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Exclusive Interview: Mari Koda

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Tell us something about the new film you’re starring in? Mari Koda: STEP UP: ALL IN is a story about dance, life and chasing a dream. In the film I play “Jenny Kido” who believes that she is always right about everything, it was a lot of fun. Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Name […]

Oprah & Grammy Award-Winner India.Arie: Super Soul Sunday

Oprah sits down with the multi-platinum and Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, India.Arie. Known as an artist whose mission is to “spread love, healing, peace and joy through the power of words and music,” India.Arie reveals a series of setbacks that caused her to consider leaving the music industry.

Oprah’s Next Chapter: John Legend

Oprah sits down with nine-time Grammy winner John Legend to talk about his first solo album in five years and his friendship with Kanye West. John’s fiancée, model Chrissy Teigen, joins the conversation  amidst recent cheating rumors in the tabloids.

Exclusive Interview with Actress Elina Madison

1.) Carlos: Could you tell the readers a little about your family life growing up? Do you have any brothers or sisters? Elina Madison: I grew up in Wyoming. My mother and father still live there and I visit a couple of times a year for the holidays. Sometimes they make it out here to Los […]

Exclusive Interview: Grace Valerie

 Egyptianman Entertainment Group: So tell us a little about yourself? Grace Valerie: I am a Russian born singer based in LA working under Randy Jackson’s wing, developing my own sound. Currently I am getting ready to launch my second single in the beginning of 2012. Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What has been the highlight of starting […]

Interview: Actor/Producer, Gianni Capaldi

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Tell us something about your new film ”Wish Wizard” starring Morgan Freeman? Gianni Capaldi: It was a great piece put together granting children from Make-a-Wish Foundation a chance to act, assistant direct and produce this movie. There was a feel-good atmosphere on set and for once so many left their egos at […]

Interview: World-Renowned Artist, Dick Zimmerman

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What inspired you start creating masterpiece portraits for elites around the world? Dick Zimmerman: By turning some of my favorite iconic celebrity photographs into refined oil paintings. Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What was your very first portrait painting that was most memorable? Dick Zimmerman: I did a painting of my dad at the […]

Exclusive Interview: Rock Star Greg Kihn

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What makes your new album “Kihnplete” different from the previous albums you’ve done? Greg Kihn: Most People know the Greg Kihn Band by our hits – The Breakup Song, Jeopardy. Lucky, Reunited, etc. All that stuff happened on the legendary Berserkley label, but KIHNPLETE is all post-Beserkley material. We’ve had some amazing […]

Behind the Modeling Industry: Sonia Lynn Interview

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Is it true that the modeling industry is a cut-throat business and why? Sonia Lynn: Yes very cut throat, you have to have a thick skin to be a model. There is alot of judgment and criticism in this industry and you need to be prepared for it. Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What […]

Exclusive Interview: Producer/Actor Douglas Taurel

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: How did you get started in Hollywood? Douglas Taurel: I got started in the business by auditioning for a children’s show as an actor in college. I was casted as an alligator in a children’s show and then became hooked when I performed the drunk and rebellious son in the Neil Simon’s […]