BRASSLANDS: Film and Soundtrack to a Worldwide Balkan Brass Movement

Brasslands isn’t just the soundtrack to an extraordinary film, but the soundtrack to a blistering global movement of Balkan brass fans across the world. Already a huge success at the International Film Festival in Belgrade and a “Best of Fest” winner at Minneapolis Film Festival, Brasslands premieres in the United States at the L.A. Film Festival and will see its East Coast debut as part of New York’s River to River Festival and Rooftop Films Summer Series.

Evergreene Music is proud to be releasing the soundtrack to Brasslands-and it couldn’t come at a better time. Fresh off the heels of its historic Balkan Arts Series release, Brasslands is the ideal project for a modern New York label with a passion for global music.

As the festival commences, Brasslands bears witness to the deeper resonance of the music, as the town of Guča begins to swell with frenetic energy. While ethnic and political divisions continue to simmer below the surface of this war-torn country, everyone here has gathered to celebrate their music, to dance, and to enjoy life. With deafening drum batteries, lightning trumpet solos, and euphoric brass chorales, Brasslands attests to the fact that even amidst great turbulence and unrest, there remains a universal human desire for identity, joy, and belonging-and that, if only for a few days, it will make itself heard.

In addition to some of New York’s finest brass bands, such as Zlatne Uste, Veveritse, Raya Brass Band, and Slavic Soul Party!, the Brasslands soundtrack features rare contributions by Serbia’s most sought-after trumpet virtuosos: Roma legend Dejan Avdić, 3-time Guča champion Demiran Ćerimović, and 2010 champion and “trumpet master” Dejan Petrović. The Brasslands soundtrack releases on July 13th, 2013 via Evergreene Music. The soundtrack will be available as a digital album with iTunes booklet and as a Digipak CD with an immersive 16-page booklet.

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