Beat Masta Wes (Producer)

When you first hear his music you immediately appreciate that this producer, composer is advanced in his knowledge, love and appreciation of music, some would even say that he is the BMW make and model of the music industry, refined, stylish and sophisticated. In every piece of music he composes Beat Masta Wes uses three elements Passion, Fulfillment and Truth, elements that provide the undertone to his music.

Fortunate growing up in middle class Texas his parents Lorraine & Wesley Harris Junior nurtured his interest in music from a very young age “We weren’t poor, but we weren’t rich either and thanks to my parents we didn’t have to go without much. They brought my first piece of equipment when I was in the 6th grade.  I loved the beat machines when they first came out, one Christmas I even received a Symphonic Drum beat machine, it wasn’t top of the line but it started me on my way” says Beat Masta Wes. But his biggest inspiration would come by way of his older brother Averexx, a music producer in his own right who supported and encouraged his younger brothers interest in the industry “When I was young, I remember he would always push me to keep me excited about music, I would say he would have to be my biggest inspiration” says Beat Masta Wes.

Fascinated with beats and inspired by his family Beat Masta Wes also had another hidden talent, gifted also with an ability to sing, “I won many awards for my singing throughout High School and College, I was one of the top singers in the State of Texas'”.  This gained Beat Masta Wes a college education by way of a music major scholarship with a focus on vocal performance.  His college training set the scene for him to learn theory and the fundamentals of music, creating the musical master mind that is Beat Masta Wes.

If a moment in time can determine your future, for Beat Masta Wes that would be when he landed his first placement. “I was in college and came home for Christmas break, that’s when I landed my first placement with an R&B group from my hometown and this is when I knew producing was for me” says Beat Masta Wes.

While attending college Beat Masta Wes was offered a production deal from Sing-A-Lot Records along with his brother Averexx.  They were instrumental in assisting to jumpstart the label’s R&B division, producing as the Harris Brothers, and often referred to as the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of their home town.  This is where Beat Masta Wes was able to refine his techniques and build up a reputation as a sought after Producer, Recording Engineer and Mixer.

Beat Masta Wes was well on his way to success when he signed a management deal with the Vice President of Bad Boy Entertainment, who gave the Harris brothers the opportunity to display their talent on a wider scale, by working with some of hottest names in the industry including Dr Dre, P Diddy, Mary J Blige, The Game, Linkin Park, Andrae Crouch, India Arie and many more.  “I have been blessed to meet some very influential people through my career, and as I would meet these people I would always ask God how did I get here? It was a bit surreal, like I was in a dream.”  But this chance meeting would enable him to receive some great advice, something he would not understand until later on in life. “I was very curious as to what the difference between me and this person was? And the reply I always got back was “they believed and acted on good faith” and in those words lay the secret to success.” says Beat Masta Wes.

In 2009 Beat Masta Wes moved his focus to developing artists, producers, songwriters and musicians by creating and designing a music social networking site  “I envisaged bridging the gap between indie music creators as well as providing major music opportunities. I plan on introducing New Music and New Artists to the world through my development ventures. You will see MuzicHeadz grow into a true talent development tool and resource for musicians around the world in the future and change the face of music business.”  Born out of his vision to connect the music industry, his insightfulness has seen a surge of music artist on Muzicheadz from around the world. “We offer something quite unique at Muzicheadz and I believe the word is getting out there.”

You would think this would keep someone busy enough, not Beat Masta Wes who has undertaken another project by giving back to the community he grew up in. “I started a non-profit company called The Development Firm, so I could work with our local non-profit organizations training youth from ages 13 to 19 in audio engineering and studio production. I want to give them resources that I could only dream about at that age. I think that information is meant to be passed on to the next generation in order to help cultivate and improve their opportunities.” says Beat Masta Wes.

Depending on the day you would find Beat Masta Wes might perform a number of roles, as an accomplished Producer and Composer, entrepreneur, mentor and community leader.  His ability to understand both the creative and technical aspects of the music industry coupled with his passion for music and technology, Beat Masta Wes continues to evolve and sees the world as it should be, with unlimited potential.