Egyptianman Entertainment Group is a Music Brokerage Company, founded in 2008 – formally known as “Egyptianman Productions”, a music production company. Our staff is comprised of talented and dedicated professionals who are also music lovers. Our Management Team “Egyptianartist Management” and Music Publishing Company, “May Peace Be upon You Music” is a member of ASCAP and NARIP, owning a catalog of over 300 unpublished songs. Now we are back in a different direction leaning more towards helping Unsigned Artists, Songwriters, Producers and Bands who are seeking direction in getting their music placed in the right hands for a Record, Publishing or Production deal. We have created a solid platform for those who are serious about their craft. We believe in helping aspiring Artists who are willing to go the extra mile in achieving and launching a successful career.


• 2005 – Egyptianman Entertainment Group placed tracks with several Producers around the country for MTV on the highly syndicated show “PIMP MY RIDE”.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group was instrumental in brokering 2 Multi-Platinum Producers, now signed to and working with Larry Dee Entertainment/Da Oven Productions, Multi-Platinum Producers Network.

• 2008 – John Johnson – Credits: N-SYNC, Mark Wahlberg Actor/Artist, formally of the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. He is currently finishing hot joints for Hitlab/Akon Label’s upcoming Artist Sachali, and new Pop sensation Whitney Peyton.

• 2009 – Tony Hardy – Credits: Destiny’s Child, Missy Elliot, recently finished 2 songs with Multi-Platinum Artist’ Macy Gray” 2010 Album (Stalker and The Comeback) – Album debut #38 on the Billboard 200 Charts, Songs on Pop Sensation Samantha Jade, and other song collaborations with Platinum Producers & Writers Jared Gosselin, and Whitey, of Whitelief Productions.

• 2009 – Singer/Songwriter/Producer Karsten Durand has now signed a music publishing deal with Larry Dee Entertainment/Da Oven Productions.

• 2010 – Signed licensing deal with “Paul Cooke Music” founding member of Sade.


• 2010-2011 – Egyptianman Entertainment Group will be working with Larry Dee Entertainment in placing songs for upcoming film projects and for unsigned and newly signed Artists and various projects.

We have united with Larry Dee Entertainment in commitment to helping up and coming Unsigned Artists, Bands, Producers, and Songwriters to secure a Record or Publishing deal. Brokering deals for Larry Dee Entertainment opens a window of opportunities for Artists, Producers, and Songwriters who are interested in placement of their songs and instrumental tracks with major Film, Indie Movie Production companies, Record Labels and Music Publishers. With strong leadership, we strive to cultivate integrity in the Music & Film Industry. We are always educating, informing and connecting with Artists, Songwriters, Producers and Bands around the world. Music is the creative essence of our life and is what we do 365 days of the year. Egyptianman Entertainment Group is highly motivated and passionate about music and all the hard work we do. Nothing comes over night but if you work hard at it you will reap the benefits in the long run. All good things come in due time, so remember to always keep God first.