Aaradhna’s Her New Single “Wake Up”

Hailing from New Zealand, this very unique young woman has an amazing voice and a powerful message about the importance of time in our lives. “Wake Up” was recently featured on the hit series ‘Mobb Wives’ and is  currently available on iTunes.

When Aaradhna’s harmonies spill through the speakers in her opening track, you learn that it’s not just treble and reverb that go good together. It’s her silky voice over that doo-wop style (a sound she likes to call Retro/Metro), and her newfound attitude partnered with old school soul. It’s Aaradhna and music that go good together.

Her first single ‘Wake Up’ – a plea to herself – was penned around the time she realized life was passing her by and that she was ready to get back in the game.

It was in Romania, where she’d moved to be with her professional basketball- playing partner, that to counter her boredom, she discovered artists like Ruth Brown and LaVern Baker, and soaked in old favourites like Otis Redding, Millie Small, Calvin Richardson, Monica, Sam Cooke, Richie Valens, The Capris, Rosie & the Originals & Little Anthony and the Imperials. As a result her writing has elevated and her knack for hypnotizing harmonies is amplified – a writing style Aaradhna says has come naturally as she’s gotten older.

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