5ive Star: Show Me You Love Me

The gifted vocalist, songwriter and lyricist is on the verge of mainstream success. 5ive Star delivers hardcore grit with crossover appeal, destined to penetrate the music industry with his innovative and fresh sound. Only 25, he is an artist that defies labels, refuses to conform to clichés and set to wow the world.

His humble beginnings began in South Florida, first gaining notoriety as a spoken-word artist for major franchises such as Nike and McDonalds. He captivated audiences with introspective lyrics and memorable performances. 5ive managed to give Nike and McDonald’s some soul.

But 5ive’s true calling was music, picking up inspiration in every corner of America, a testament to his diverse upbringing. In his sound, you hear the rock and soul of Prince, the aggression of Notorious B.I.G. and the smooth R&B of Aaliyah. Making his rounds on the mix-tape circuit, his first single release, “Get To Know U,” produced by Jimi Kendrix (Jay Z, 50 Cent), sparked a buzz. With no major label support, tracks like “Club To The Bedroom” and “SOS,” were featured on radio stations across the country, further establishing his universal appeal.

5ive’s breakthrough moment was catching the ear of seven-time Grammy winning producer Ken Lewis (Kanye West, John Legend), who worked on the upcoming album I AM…5IVE STAR. 5ive Star stands for five elements of artistry:  emcee, singer, songwriter, spoken-word artist and producer. 5ive Star is the future, a unification of rock, pop, hip-hop and soul. “Show Me You Love Me” is available now on iTunes!

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