Exclusive Interview: Producer/Actor Douglas Taurel

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: How did you get started in Hollywood?

Douglas Taurel: I got started in the business by auditioning for a children’s show as an actor in college. I was casted as an alligator in a children’s show and then became hooked when I performed the drunk and rebellious son in the Neil Simon’s play, God’s Favorite which awarded me an Excellence in Acting award at the South East Theatre competition.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What’s are some of the advantages of being a film producer?

Douglas Taurel: It allows you to have creative control regarding the vision you want to express and that is important to you. It allows you to be the chess player, not the chess piece.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What would you say the downside and upside to being a film producer verses an actor is like?

Douglas Taurel: The downside of being a producer rather than an actor is money. As a producer you are always trying to figure out how much money you are gong to need in order to tell your story compared to as an actor, you just show up and do your job like a hired gun. The upside to being a producer is that you have all the creative control of what you want to say. You control the message.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: In your opinion, what is the one misconception that people have about actors and producers?

Douglas Taurel: That it’s all about trying to make the most money in a project, film or job. The main reason most people become actors and producers is so they can express their creative an artistic voice. You become an artist because there is really nothing else you would rather do with your energy, time and money.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What things specifically would you like to change about the creative aspects of filmmaking in Hollywood?

Douglas Taurel: I would like to see Hollywood start accepting and producing more original stories with more new talent. I think a lot of people are hungry for newer faces for the screen of all ages “Please STOP using so much computer graphics in movies” It’s like they substitute real dialogue for stupid computer graphics. It’s kind of insulting to me. Don’t misunderstand me, I love giant alien robots but when the movie looks like it was made by my son with an Ipad, it’s a bit much.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What are some things you would like to accomplish, career wise?

Douglas Taurel: To tell many stories on the stage and film as truthfully as possible. “Creating is a better means of self expression than possession, it is through creating, not possessing, that life is revealed.” Vida D. Scudder, The Life of the Spirit in the Modern English Poets.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What is the one thing you admire that means the world to you?

Douglas Taurel: I’m always learning and improving my craft. Learning to me is breathing and feeling alive. To always be experiencing life and  run with the bull, not to watch others do that.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Between “Many More Good Men” and “My Brothers keeper”, What’s your favorite production your working on?

Douglas Taurel: I would defiantly have to say, Many More Good Men. This is a play I’m writing that talks about the sacrifice that American service men and women have made for Americans to have the the financial and emotional freedom we have today.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Is there anything that you would like to do that you haven’t already done?

Douglas Taurel: I would like to produce and act in a “Streetcar Named Desire” by Tennessee Williams. I simply just love the play and the character of Stanley. He reminds me a lot of my father, strong willed and high tempered.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: TV reality shows are getting an incredible amount of buzz these days. Could you see yourself producing a reality show?

Douglas Taurel: Maybe. If  they somehow help people and not just bring people down.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: How is both of your current films unique from today’s typical movies?

Douglas Taurel: Well, right now in my career, I am leaning towards films that are like a slice of life. That are about the struggles we go through as people, lovers and individuals. I would say, stories mostly my audience can relate to.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Do you have any future film projects your working on besides the two current films?

Douglas Taurel: I’m currently writing a film about a soldier coming back from Iraq with post-traumatic stress syndrome and struggles that he goes through personally. We see the war from inside his mind.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Was producing movies always your passion? and What were some of the moments you remember that brought out your unseen talent?

Douglas Taurel: Yes, I have always had a passion to create and produce. As a kid I used to produce band concerts for my neighbors as I sang with my air guitar in the front yard. I would get the seats ready, make sure everyone was ready and then start playing. I remember throwing parties and trying to get the best bands and the biggest crowds so that my party was the biggest and the best in the neighborhood. I have taken a great joy making others experience pleasure of some kind. I guess you could say I’m a nurturer.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What are some of the things that contributed to your success?

Douglas Taurel: My wife, mother and my discipline. I believe I inherited my discipline from my father.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Who are some of the great filmmakers that inspire you and why?

Douglas Taurel: Spielberg, Godard, Scorsese, Oliver Stone. They all tell stories that are truthful and a story to them is paramount.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: If you were given the opportunity to work with a top Hollywood producer who would it be?

Douglas Taurel: Spielberg. One because he is Spielberg and two so that I can learn how to create more efficiently. I have never worked with him but I have read that he can see the shot coming up after the shot he is creating. He know what he wants two or three shots down the road. I find that amazing!

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Any accomplishments you would like to achieve in Hollywood?

Douglas Taurel: I don’t know, I guess the Oscar would be nice but if I’m recognized as someone who is an artist, that would be good enough for me.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What is your biggest fear?

Douglas Taurel: I don’t really have many fears but if I had to pick one, it would be losing the opportunity to express myself artistically.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: Would you ever consider starting a film school in helping upcoming producers?

Douglas Taurel: Perhaps. I do have a passion to teach.

Egyptianman Entertainment Group: What advice would you give to someone that’s an up and coming  producer?

Douglas Taurel: Just produce. You learn more from actually producing a show than you could ever learn from a book or a school. Produce a play, film, DVD or anything that shows you how to act under pressure and how to work well with others. As young artists we all want to change the world, and create the next great thing that will be remembered forever. The truth is, we should just worry about creating the next thing, period.

For screen updates and more information on Douglas Taurel visit him at DouglasTaurel.com

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