Featured Interview with DJ Lauren Pope

Carlos: What are some of the disadvantages and advantages to being a DJ?

DJ Lauren Pope: There are plenty of advantages, you get to travel the world and make people dance and have a good time. I love music so getting paid to play it is pretty awesome and as for the disadvantages the only one thing I can think of is lack of sleep but you soon learn to cope with a couple of hours sleep a night, thank god for makeup and eye drops!

Carlos: Who were the DJ’s you inspired to be like?

DJ Lauren Pope: I really looked up to DJ AM, he had an individual style that made him stand out and I like the way he mixes up really random genres together and makes it work.

Carlos: Did you always want to be a DJ?

DJ Lauren Pope: I always had a passion for music but never thought it was something I could make a career of until someone taught me to DJ and I realised it was something I was good at.

Carlos: How has music changed since you’ve started DJing?

DJ Lauren Pope: I’ve noticed alot of hip hop artists are working with dance producers now, everything has a club/dance vibe which works well for me to play but I’m sure that will change soon enough when people get bored of it like alot of genres do eventually.

Carlos: If you were not a DJ what would you be doing today?

DJ Lauren Pope: Alongside DJing I run my own company HairRehabLondon.com so I guess I would concentrate more on that but to be honest I’d be pretty depressed without my DJing . I’d have to find a way to work in the music industry.

Carlos: Do you think the DJ industry has opened more doors for female DJ’s and why?

DJ Lauren Pope: People want to see a woman behind the booth these days but you still got to come with the goods and give them a good set otherwise your just feeding into the stereotype that because were girls we can’t DJ which is a load of rubbish of course!

Carlos: What was the response of the people in the club when you first started spinning records?

DJ Lauren Pope: People were pretty shocked at first, I think it’s still a bit of a novelty to see a female DJ but once I start playing people tend to be pretty shocked that I’m doing a good job and then forget there even listening to a woman and just enjoy the music.

Carlos: Do you think there will be more and more female DJ’s in the future and why?

DJ Lauren Pope: There are so many female DJs around at the moment and I think it’s great, were showing the boys a thing or two!

Carlos: If you can name anything you would like to change about the DJ industry what would it be and why?

DJ Lauren Pope: I would probably wipe out all the sleezy men that you meet. I would also get rid of all the bullshit, people tend to promise alot and not deliver, you soon learn to not to take anything as certain until you’re on that flight heading to the gig!

Carlos: What club would you love to spin records at but never had the opportunity?

DJ Lauren Pope: I’ve always wanted to play in Vegas and luckily I’m playing there in July for the first time so will get to tick off another box form my list!

Carlos: Are there any other things you would like to do besides DJing?

DJ Lauren Pope: I am now producing and loving every minute of that so will carry that on alongside the DJing.

Carlos: Do you think it’s easier for a female that wants to get into DJing business now then it was when you first got started and why?

DJ Lauren Pope: I think being a female DJ is easier to get yourself gigs but only if your good will you get a long lasting career and get the repeat bookings, if you mess up once then word soon spreads.

Carlos: So, to be in the DJ business you must be a people person?

DJ Lauren Pope: It defiantly helps to be sociable in this industry, I love meeting new people so this is perfect for me as every week you’re seeing new faces and it also helps if you’re confident enough to deal with that.

Carlos: Do any of your female family members want to follow in your footsteps?

DJ Lauren Pope: I’m the youngest of 3 sisters and there all settled with kids so this isn’t really there cup of tea but they completely support what I do and think it’s cool that I’ve seen so many places across the world.

Carlos: What comes first to your mind when it comes to your biggest achievements to date?

DJ Lauren Pope: I would probably say playing at the Miami Music Conference, it’s such a well known industry event that I had always wanted to attend and the first year I go I also got to spin which was an amazing experience.

Carlos: How would you sum up Lauren Pope in a few words?

DJ Lauren Pope: A determined and down to earth DJ/Model and Entrepreneur who has hopefully shown that you can never judge a book by its cover!

Carlos: Can you give me some of your good and bad opinions about today’s music?

DJ Lauren Pope: There are some amazing producers around at the moment creating a new generation of music like WIll.I.Am, Timbaland and Labrynth who is an exciting British producer. One downside at the moment is that everyone has jumped on the house music bandwagon and so alot of stuff is sounding very similar and repetitive.

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