Exclusive Interview with Colette Carr

A Carlos Muhammad Interview

Carlos: First I want to ask how did you meet Nick Cannon?

Colette Carr: We met through a mutual friend. It was very cool how instant the creative connection was. He asked me one million questions about life and success and goals etc. and then was like “lets make a song tonight, are you ready” obviously I said “I stay ready so I don’t gotta get ready” so we made a slap.

Carlos: How is it like working with Nick Cannon?

Colette Carr: Nick is a like big kid! Candy all day, making everyone laugh, and no sleep! It’s nice to get things done and work while you’re having so much fun, and its very very essential and importantly awesome to work with someone who gets you, believes in you and whose advice is to “do you”.

Carlos: How would you describe your music for the public audience that’s never seen or heard you before?

Colette Carr: I would say get off your butt- wait, stay on your butt- and go to ColetteCarr.com its ALL there- the web episodes the music, the FREE 22 track mixytape! I’m trying to describe my sound everyday to people, its hard! It’s very unique and individual, if I HAVE to it’s probably like Electro-Pop-Euro-Hip-Hop-Rapper Chick meets under the sea sounds of crazy people? Or, if Eminem and Britney had a baby and dropped it on its head? Ha, I wish.

Carlos: How did you get started in this business?

Colette Carr: I jumped on stage at a Game concert, which you can watch on my “Life in the Day of Colette Carr” chapter 4 and chapters 1-7 on CherrytreeRecords.com or NickCannon.com/ColetteCarrecard.html

Carlos: What are some of the things you learned about the industry being that your Nick Cannon’s protégé?

Colette Carr: You learn who and what’s real very quickly. Thankfully I’m with a crew that is G’d up from the feet up, real and HONEST, Keepin it real is the #1 priority and Nick (Ncredible) and the peeps at Cherrytree + Interscope are experts at that.

Carlos: So how much input did you have in making the video “Back It Up”?

Colette Carr: I fought with sane people for the concept. Luckily, I was working with people who understood my vision — Shout out to Richie Mac — It was a tribute video for my schizophrenic uncle, our imaginations used to run wild together, a snippit of his world came to life with the video and I was very proud and happy about that. J

Carlos: So who produced the hit single “Back It Up”?

Colette Carr: Niles Howell-Dhar did, he’s the shizzleshit.

Carlos: So tell me how did you manage to generate over 29,000 downloads in just 4 days?

Colette Carr: I interact on a personal level with all my cCarr Goers and they are die hard fans.

The cCarr Goers MAKE IT GO! We are lucky to have the Internet; it gives artists an endless reach to peeps if you have the right momentum. p.s. follow @ColetteCrazy

Carlos: So are you happy with how your album “Sex Sells Stay Tooned” turned out for you?

Colette Carr: The Free Mixtape (on ColetteCarr.com) ß lol – was a very fun silly project that I am extremely proud of. It definitely shows an angle of my personality and music.

: What image do you think your music conveys and why did you choose this type of image for your music?

Colette Carr: I am me. My music is me. There are different sides to my music and me. It’s very hard to pin down specifics. Hopefully I can make some people laugh, dance, and cry when they need to cry. cCarr is the movement, get into it <3 –Colette

Carlos: If you had to categorize your music, what genre would it best fit? (Name up to Three)

Colette Carr: HATE that word Genre! Electro, Hip-hop, Pop! BLEH! There.

Carlos: Do you have any future projects you’re working on, and if so, and with who?

Colette Carr: Damon Elliot, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, Space Cowboy, Vincent Frank, Pharrell, so so so many brilliant producers, I am having a blast. Really excited to share my project with everyone!

Carlos: What does your family think of your performance and do they support you?

Colette Carr: They are the greatest! Above and beyond super-family powers of unconditional love. J <3 I remember saying “Hey mom, dad I’m gunna be a rapper” while they were having their morning coffee, and them just being excited for me, taking me seriously by supporting me 100 percent. I am a lucky lil lady.

Carlos: Have you ever entered any contests to enhance your musical career? If so describe in detail you experience and what you had hoped to accomplish when you entered. What was the outcome? Would you enter another contest in the future?

Colette Carr: No contests for me! I got to watch America’s Got Talent live, that’s as close as I’ve come. It was very exciting, love that show.

Carlos: What advice would you give a young artist trying to follow in your footsteps?

Colette Carr: BE YOURSELF! This girl (a cCarr Goer) asked how she could be just like me- I told her to figure out who she was, truly, and to embrace it, people respect that! People need to stop trying to be other people it’s flattering as hell but way lameo.

Carlos: Do you have other interest or talents that you would like to share with us?

Colette Carr: I love acting, and I make a mean apple pie.

Carlos: What female artist inspired you the most in becoming a rapper and why?

Colette Carr: I get inspiration from everyone and everything, especially my family. I saw a crazy poodle walking in Beverly Hills with a pink afro- BOOM, that’s inspiration. Every female artist that has come before me has helped pave the way for my career so I am forever grateful.

Carlos: What artist would you like to work with the most out of anybody our there today and why?

Colette Carr: I am very excited to have been working with Vincent Frank — I think we both have the same creative drive and inspire each other musically.

Carlos: Who are some of the role models to you in the music industry and why?

Colette Carr: Anybody that uses their success to make this world a better place, so Bono, Angelina Jolie and so many others. I think Eminem saves a lot of people through his lyrics. The Cure, Wu Tang, Baris Manco, any artist that keeps it real.

Carlos: Colette what do you think your biggest break of “greatest opportunity” has been so far in your musical career?

Colette Carr: Taking a leap of faith and jumping on stage and saying “fuck it” “Imma go full throttle, full speed ahead and make this happen” No one should ever half-ass anything.

Carlos: So what are some of the things you would like to conquer in the music business?

Colette Carr: I want to inspire people to be themselves, love themselves, live for the moment and have some friggin fun!

Carlos: Is the music business what you thought it would be like?

Colette Carr: I never had preconceived notions about what the music industry would be; I was tennis, tennis, tennis and then making music before I even knew where I was. I do know that my situation and experience in the industry is extremely unique. I get to work with famously talented people who are down to earth, who support the cCarr movement fully and are down to bbm me all day everyday. Rad!

Carlos: If you could change anything in this industry what would it be and why?

Colette Carr: I would kill the word Genre. It’s a disguised box that truly creative people should never be put inside. Just sayin.

: What are your immediate music career goals (Next 1 to 3 years)?

Colette Carr: Best New Artist of the year 2011, #1 hit singles, sold out arenas. I see nothing wrong with aiming for the moon- its kinda my thing.

Carlos: Is being a rapper what you always dreamed it would be like?

Colette Carr: No, I never dreamed this would even be my career or lifestyle. I was a competitive tennis player my whole life, training for the pro tour, but this is way doper than anything I could have imagined.

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