Ten Things Artists Should Know

1. Never think that you’re too good to do performances at your everyday hole in the wall clubs. Most known superstars started out at the bottom before they made it to the top. Artists shouldn’t start doing shows outside of their hometown until they have established a following in their hometown. You have to start as a local act first before you can make a name for yourself.

2. Knowledge, hard work, persistence, confidence, talent and self belief are some of the main ingredients to making your dreams a reality. Because success seems to always follow those who are still hanging on when everyone else has let go.

3. Always remember that the business of music is just that, a business first and foremost, and then comes the music. It is paramount that artists build and grow a solid fan base with precision. That will, at most times, be most prominent element or deciding factor that most labels and managers look for.

4. Always put yourself in a very strong position of leverage as an Artist so that instead of you swimming to the “big fish” let the big fish want what you have and swim to you. What is strong leverage, ie: high independent record sales online and brick and mortar (record stores) substantial merchandise sales regional name recognition, a strong fan base and a very professional show presentation.

5. By reading celebrity autobiographies and their rise to stardom you will discover that there is no such thing as an overnight success. Their success came after years of struggle, rejection, being persistent persevering, preparation and talent development.

6. Consult with a very reputable career financial planner once signed to a Record Label or shortly thereafter. Learn as much as possible about finances and long term financial investing to begin building a solid foundation for you and your family’s financial future. Remember: The well from fame will eventually run dry.

7. All Artists’ should have a personal manager to guide their music career. No Artist should tell their manager when or what he/she is not going to do. The Artist cannot manage themselves without a manager therefore it’s impossible and way too much responsibility to handle.

8. Every Artist should hire a vocal coach to learn how to vocally train their voice so they can hit the right notes in various ranges. Everyone from Usher, Michael Jackson, Joe, Prince and other major superstars have had vocal training. An Artist manager can decline or choose to pay for a vocal coach, recording studio time, photography and anything else the Artist may require. The manager shall be reimbursed from the Artist’s gross compensation after deduction of commissions due to managers pursuant of the agreement with the Artist.

9. Never make a business decision without first seeking the advice of a trusted Entertainment Attorney that you have built a strong alliance with. The money that you spend now could save you millions later. Your future as an Artist will be determined by the contracts that you have signed in the past and the present.

10. Be Tough! Be Tough! Be Tough! Because that will, inevitably, be one of your strongest defenses in surviving the business of Music & Entertainment

Quoted by: Rico Amani Founder & Chairman of WildMann Ent. Group & Carlos Muhammad

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